Monday, May 31, 2010

The Blog Makeover - part II

UPDATE: due to everyone seeing different things I'm changing the decor around again, lol. Thanks you guys for the feedback. I'll be tweeking stuff.

Hey everyone! Small little update. I'm wondering how the blog looks in your monitors and such. Can you see the template well? The background underneath the template is like a bone white color.
I'm kinda asking because I don't want it to look weird.
So if you guys can give me a little feedback on that, it would be marvelous.



  1. Hi! It just looks white on my screen.

  2. Yeah, the background is just white for me too. But I like the design on the sides!

  3. I can see the victorian design. It's nice and vintage-y. :) I like it!

  4. i can seen some of the bg iot looks like old scriptures to me ^^ pretty cool :3

  5. The vintage border is about half a centimeter wide on each side, so it would be nice if it was made bigger so I could see more of the design. but all in all a lovely new layout :)

  6. Me gusta el fondo *__* ese decorado tan rococó.
    mira este es mi otro blog

    saludos ;)

  7. Yeah, it isn't white it is a bone color! with black designs on the side! :)

  8. I seem to be seeing the same template as the last time? Perhaps you're still tweaking your blog layout... ^^;

  9. I am also seeing the same template now as I did on my previous visit. Hmmmm, are you still tweaking, sweetie?;-)


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