Sunday, May 30, 2010

Blog Meets Blog - Vogue Before Food

The blogosphere can be a haunting and daunting place however, hidden in this huge, overwhelming world we find incredible people that not only share similar style perspectives but you can relate to, form friendships and walk the dark paths of the fashion blogging realms with.

Ok, ok so the fashion blogging world really isn't scary at all, I just wanted to add the drama -lols.
I want to share with you all blogs that I discover or that otherwise, discover me.
I'm planning on making this a regular, so here's to the first Blog Meets Blog post!

Vogue Before Food
Vogue Before Food's lovely Courtney has one heck of a style sense and I interviewed her with some ultra fun questions:

What would your food pyramid look like? what are those "food" groups you must have and it's proportions?
The base of the pyramid, for me, is dresses for two reasons: one, I think dresses have the most expression, personality and potential to show style. There can be amazing detail in a dress that is more visible than on a top or bottom, whether that design is intricate beading, cut-outs, or just amazing lines or draping. You can tell the designer of a dress just by looking at it. It's like a blank canvas for the interpretation of trends and inspiration. I feel like every dress is a little bit of wearable art, from the construction and silhouette to the color and print - which is why I think dresses are most worthy of a splurge. The second reason dresses are a base for the pyramid is the simple fact that a dress is its own outfit, so everything else - from shoes to sweaters and jackets to accessories - can be styled around it. By that logic, everything is secondary to a dress.
The second level would be made up of bottoms and tops to create outfits, the third level would be jackets and outerwear to top the outfits off. The fourth would be shoes, because they have the power to make the whole outfit. Next up are accessories and jewelry, and the smallest part of the pyramid, for me personally, are handbags. I'm not a big handbag girl, probably because i never have time to switch all my stuff into different bags!

You're throwing a party, what's on the menu?
I think the perfect party outfit - when you're throwing it - has to be both fabulous and comfortable, a hard combination to find. But, you have to look amazing, and shine as the hostess. The only way you'll do that is if you're comfortable, too, because you have lots to tend to, and you don't want to be pulling at your outfit or limping in your shoes. Vintage is a great way to go when dressing to host a party, since you want to look unique and wear a real conversation piece. A great 1960's mod dress or a sequined number circa the 1980's will make you feel like a rock star. Or, wear your favorite designer, the one you feel makes perfect, timeless pieces and that you are comfortable in. I'd have to choose Marc Jacobs or Thread Social, personally!

Gimme candy! Which are your sweet, fave garments?

Specifically? Things I crave (and can actually afford once in a while, lol) are dresses from Marc by Marc Jacobs, Anna Sui, Thread Social, See by Chloe, Catherine Malandrino, Leifsdottir, Nanette Lepore, Mara Hoffman, Seneca Rising, Opening Ceremony - plus great finds like vintage dresses and sequined tops, leather shorts, pleated or draped tops, shredded tops, nautical blazers, studded caftans from places like Rock.Paper.Vintage (eBay), NastyGal, Asos, ModCloth, Bona Drag and Pixie Market - and I'm a sucker for H&M. Oh, and shoes by Irregular Choice! I just like anything different looking. If it doesn't catch my eye the first time, I don't want it. I look for details, and my style is very vintage meets girly-frilly meets East Village rock scene.

Hope you guys loved her!
If you want to schedule a blog play date, just drop me a line!


  1. that was such a cute post.
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  5. Great blog. I am really looking forward for more designer shoes entries.


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