Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Q & A Post

The Questions you guys asked, the answers I'll give you all (lol yeah I know it sounds like some Twilight Zone Episode) ...

Exactly how old are you?
I'm exactly 23 years 8 months old.

What's your top five favorite albums?
Top Five Fave Albums must be:
1. Epica's Design Your Universe
2. She & Him Volume One
3. Yuki Kajiura Fiction
4. The Birthday Massacre Looking Glass (EP)
5. Anna Netrebko -anything of hers is just divine!

What is your biggest inspiration?
Nature is. How perfect and how harmonious everything in it is is enough to get me going thru the day.

What's your guiltiest pleasure?
A huge bucket of Cookie Dough Ice Cream and a movie that make me cry my heart out.

Where do u see yourself in 10 years time?
In 10 years I want to be living in NYC or London, preforming and yes, having my own fashion line. I think I'd be the first Opera singer with a fashion line. =D

Which fashion designers are inspire you the most?
I think all of them do in either a positive or negative way; they all do leave a footprint somehow. Now the designers I most look up to are Thakoon, Luella & Betsey Johnson.

Do u remember your first kiss ?
Awww *pathetically blushing here* Yeah I do remember, tee hee.

And out of the closet fashionista's list: What color is a white rhino?
I'm guessing blue?? Lol!

Whose your style icon?
I def adore Alexa Chung and Chanel Iman; they are both incredible.

How old were you when you first started your blog?
I think I was like 21 or so.

what do you design?
I'm an accessories designer. I do design clothing and such but don't have the time to sew. =(

have you had an inspiration for this blog?
Well yes, I wanted this blog to be like a diary of everything fashion that went through my mind. I at the time, didn't have anyone to share fashion and style related things so I NEEDED a way of ventilating all that. =)

Thanks guys for your questions it was pretty fun answering them!


  1. Oh! How fun!! It's awesome to get to know you a little better!! Really you started blogging really young! lol

  2. Great post! She & Him Volume One is one of my favorite albums too!

  3. What a great Q&A!! I love it when fashionistas do these. :) I have no doubt you will be the first opera singer/fashion desinger ever. Hehe. I love that!

  4. Oh cool! I am following you!


  5. i love learning more about you x

    High street + Couture =

  6. cute wurstiong and great answers great ti know about you here i like this post

  7. Cute questionaire. :) I, too, am going to be a singer with a clothing line... I trained in opera and jazz but now perform in kind of a folk-pop-hybrid style. Hope to see you one day in NYC! <3


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