Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Surf's Up! - The Must Haves for Summer 2010

Summer is officially here, though it doesn't really feel so here since it just doesn't stop raining! However those of you that can soak up the sun rays (use sunscreen please) might be interested in knowing what's going to be trending this season.

Polka Dots!
Polka dots come back for another season of fun dotting, so make sure to own something allusive to this trend, make it a headband, a shirt of even your short shorts!Tribal Prints!
Avatar left us craving for tribal prints and dark, muddy palettes. This craze will probably die with the lovely, warm sun when Summer is over so, if you can afford it, grab a few garments and complete your one-hit Summer Season Wardrobe.
Nautical Style
Dreaming we are cruising on a yacht is now all the more possible with the gorgeous dresses and shirts that are available this season. Stripes and cute anchor buttons are all aboard!
Yes, a blast from the 90's is back to say hello! Grab a tie-dye shirt or make one yourself this Summer and pair with some shorts, sandals and sunglasses and head out to beach. Can't look cooler than that.
Floral Prints
Still with us is the floral print that has been accompanying us since last Spring. A sweet Sunday dress, a maxi dress or a long sleeved floral print button up shirt with some shorts and tennis shoes are the way to go to get rid of the heat.**this little number is a F21 dress I am drooling over**

What are you wearing this summer?,


  1. I am all over the tie dye trend!

  2. Love these! Now I know what I need to look for next time I go shopping! Thanks. :) I'm wearing maxi dresses, bright fun things, and comfy is the key.

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  4. I'm going more for the floral and nautical trends, but I love them all :)

  5. DEfinitivamente mi favorito es el polka dots *__* los amo, y por cierto pedi una cartera ´roja con puntos ajaja.
    En segundo lugar van las flores, y luego el nautico, lo otro no me gusta mucho ejeje

    pd. pasate a mi tienda the dolls cabinet

  6. yaya i love polka dots and tye die ^^

  7. Yay I'm loving the nautical style!

  8. OOOOHHH tie dye I likes.
    Thanks for the sunblock reminder hun,heheh
    prettyneons xXx

    p.s...your blog looks different and very cool indeed ;)

  9. I'm not actually wearing anything of these trends but I wish I was. However, I do not kike tie-dye :)

  10. Oh, I have always adored floral prints!

  11. Definitely floral prints. I've always loved them (:

    Great post!

  12. definetely these are the must-haves! i love them all.

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