Saturday, July 31, 2010

The 10 Commandments of Fall

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On our last trip to the Salvation Army, my sis and I got hold of a 2003 September Issue of Vogue. We spotted it amongst the sea of magazines that were on this huge shelf - the issue is incredibly huge so yes, it caught our eye quickly. We found this cool article on the 10 Commandments of Fall - definitely stuff I will follow to have the fashion gods in my favor, lolz.
I think though they are 2003 advice, they are applicable to any Fall Season, my notes are in red.

The 10 Commandments of Fall
1Be Perpetually Polished-from the tips of your fingers to the toes of your alligator shoes, well groomed sheen is queen.

2Keep Them Guessing-over the knee boots and leather opera gloves, leave something to the imagination.

3Take a Deep Breath-waist cinching coats, curve clutching skirts and tight little sweaters are sleek, sharp and positively aerodynamic.

4Invest in a Chic Party Dress- dance floor sweeping or upper thigh grazing, this season's after-dark looks are seriously soignee.

5Think Like a Movie Star -'nuff said.

6Cozy up to a Faux Fur Stole- yeah you guys already know I don't like fur.

7Shock Them With Color - Turn on the brights, whether it's a huge emerald cocktail ring or a fushia satin bag.

8Sharpen Your Wit- trying a ballerina skirt or a dress of playful chiffon flower petals

9Paint it Red-Forties era crimson lips are fall's most important war paint. (I found this comme
nt so funny style's a war - where's my ak 47 ...errrmm purse I mean)

10Emulate Kate the Great -Katherine Hepburn that is, from her tweedy menswear to her regal bias-cut gowns all is just so autumn-ish.

Btw, thanks guys for all your sweet words of encouragement, seriously they mean the world to me. I'm getting my act together, focusing full time on the shop, I'm planning to make it my full time job, and concentrate hard on school and just hope for the best. =)



  1. Great list! Loving it <3

    PS: I'm glad ur being positive and moving ahead <3 Never give up! :D

  2. This pretty much sums up fall wardrobe.

  3. A good tube of red lipstick is essential to any style, but finding that perfect shad is hard. I just only recently found the perfect shade for me.

  4. It's funny that these are perfectly relevant, even from 2003. What a random year.

  5. great post girl, i enjoyed this one. hope you're doing well !

    xx lue

  6. i need to get me some amazing over the knees this year.
    cuuute post doll.<3

  7. Heyyyy~!!!
    I love the new blog images, the background looks so pretty and I'm reminded of delicious frosting XDD

    Also, couldn't agree more with #7- being surrounded by bright colours never fails to cheer up my mood :)

    All the best in whatever you're dealing with IRL~~

  8. I wish we had autumn down here!! :( All the suits are soooo darn lovely!

  9. Great post! I love a slick of red lippy always!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog xoxo

  10. A good list -love the red lipstick

  11. i recently felt a little adventurous
    and just got myself a tube of bright,
    red lipstick.

    i thought i wouldn't like it...
    but i ended up loving the look!
    and it makes me feel a little daring. ;D

    yay for fall! i just wish it wasn't so hot
    out here. >_<

    ♥ erica | SWEETS + HEARTS

  12. Really good post, loved a lot of your picks! xx

  13. These are classic, so of course they're still relevant. This is why Vogue is the fashion Bible, right? :P I love a classy red lip and over-the-knee boots... *sigh* It makes me long for crisp autumn weather! How fun to stumble across an "old" Vogue (I was a freshman in college in fall 2003, and totally would not have paid attention to Vogue then!). This is why I save nearly all my magazines... makes for a lot of clutter but, oh, the treasures! :)


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