Monday, July 5, 2010

Designer Update - Summer 2010 Season Inspiration Stage

I know the name of the blog is Diary of a Young Designer and I kinda realized I don't post much about the progress and the procedures of how my sis & I develop our accessory line so, decided to write a little about how we gather inspiration for our new designs.

Lately I've been totally inspiration-less, as dry as an old dried out well; so my sister decided to gather lastest trends and fabric samples and build up this super portable inspiration board.

In designing the collection there are a billion steps to cover. From inspiration gathering to sketching to finding the perfect materials and the final product, it's all one huge adventure. We both divide tasks; my sis is the researcher, she's the one that predicts trends, finds inspiration & fabrics/materials, and programs and styles all photoshoots. I am more crafty. I'm the girl behind the sketches, the needles and glue and the sewing machine.

Well I'm thinking about making this a regular post, so probably next time I'll post some sketches and drawings. =D


  1. thanks for the comment! :)
    i've only recently started composing music, but yes, it really has to come from something personal, from my heart.
    sounds like fun, with your sis! i like sketching fashion drawings. but i don't really sew :/

  2. Wow, that's very inspiring. Can't wait to see some sketches! You guys are really talented.

    I hate being crafty but this makes me want to design something! :)

  3. It's SUPER interesting how you guys come up with all of these wonderful ideas :)
    Great post!

  4. Ojal√° te quedo lindo :) amo el polka dots jeeje y recientemente me compre una faldita.
    pasala bien

  5. great moodboard you and your sis are a great team

  6. Wow this is really intreseting!

  7. You and your sister are both very creative and talented. Don't let anyone else tell otherwise(:


  8. I just discovered your blog and I really love it, thanks for sharing!

    xx fesi-fashion

  9. great mood board and nice post about ur design process :3

  10. good luck on all your ventures!
    I can see you are a great designer, your board is lovely :)


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