Thursday, July 1, 2010

Never Fear of Being Different

Ever since I was a child I always knew I didn't blend in the crowd. While every little girl was busy learning to wear make up behind their mom's back, I was busy learning new words. Growing up I knew I was never the one to follow the bunch; I didn't have the need to feel part of something, I rather stand out . The way I dressed, the way I thought, my personality and my beliefs were always colliding with my surroundings and, now at this moment in my life I couldn't be more proud of remaining true to myself.

You might think that people that are a tad older will embrace your ways and accept you, admire you perhaps or even see something special; however, I have learned that that is so far from the truth. Age doesn't determine their maturity. Being made fun of because of how I dress - tho I believe it's quite stylish - about not drinking or smoking, about being "old fashioned" and believing in virginity (yup being made fun of at work for that -I'm like their version of the 40 yr old virgin) and so many other things that I feel are right to me, that make me who I am well, this all makes me understand once more that if you are different in this society, you will suffer all this, so you better be strong.

Being different comes with a burden; you might be an outcast, people will judge you wrongly, you might not even find like-minded people however, you will find peace in yourself and you'll find the strength you need to keep being you.


  1. so cute! i love that picture. and that quote was my high school graduation quote. i loved it! ♥


  2. lovely post I have witheld this burden to it's unfair that we suffer when we be ourselves and that we suffer when we try to be something else. But I wish I don't care about what people think but I'm not that confident

  3. I was always the outcast in school because I didn't wanna be like them (slutty slut sluts) but I did pay the price for it!

  4. This post has really opened my eyes and has made a positive impact on my thoughts.

    You are an amazing writer and staying true to yourself has brought you where you are today(:


  5. good post! i really agree with what you say--it's such a good reminder :)

  6. nice photo and being different is nice :)

  7. I think April said it best...
    I was brought up with very strong "old fashioned" values too, which makes me stand out in high school. I can't imagine how much worse it gets as you get older...

  8. I love this quote and couldn't agree more. If we were all the same life wouldn't be very interesting.


  9. Good for you, girlfriend! Good for you.

  10. I agree with you mostly. You're a great writer.
    Thanks for sharing this thought.

  11. oh this is truly inspiring
    thank you for sharing your thoughts
    no one cant ever stop you from being a real you


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“In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.” ~Coco Chanel