Saturday, July 10, 2010

Tom Ford F/W 2010/11 Look Book

At times, I believe that the fashion world is somewhat biased and only concentrates in creating for women and we miss incredible talent and astonishing pieces created for men. Knowing that most of the guys I know couldn't care less about fashion, maybe this apathy is what un-inspires designers and we get all stuck in the thought that style should only interest girls.
Anyhoo, Tom Ford's new collection is an amazing array of clean and classic with an air of vintage cuts and an invasion of blacks, browns, navys, purples and grays.check the rest of the lookbook here!


  1. sexxyyy men.
    tom ford is so hottt.<3

  2. im loving the collection! and i lovelovelove! those glasses that they're all wearing! so seexy!


  3. hmm, interesting. i do like it, though, when guys pay a little more attention to how they dress & wear something more "fashionably" but classy. ;)
    verrry handsome!

  4. Oh my goodness. I love the sixth picture. If an of these men came into my work I would just pass out cold. Lol!

  5. They look super trendy! I like it.

  6. you're definitely right, girl. Less designers for men's fashion get the spotlight. But men's fashion is as necessary of women's.

  7. just found your blog and I <3 it! you post such great photos :) <3 followed && I just added a new post to my blog you might like!

  8. love menswear and tom ford! come follow me xoxo

  9. Love guys in those specs hehe


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