Thursday, August 26, 2010

Aldo's Fall/Winter 2010 ad campaign

Being the musical geek that I am (you guys already knew that, did you?) I was totally blown away by the cute ads Aldo has come up with. Jessica Stam once again gracing the Aldo ads in our September Issues with a little musical fun.
Hey who doesn't like a girl playing the keyboards with her feet?Anyone Loving any Ads this Season?


  1. Such a cute ad campaign! I love the 2nd to last picture! x

  2. im glad the skirt got to you sfae and sound i got your sweater today it's so snuggly ^^ I can't wait til it's cold enough to wear :3 and the model is very cute ^^

  3. :] Love those pictures! Well everyone likes a girl who plays piano with her feet ;]


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