Friday, August 20, 2010

A Little Vintage Love and some Twiggy Charm

A little altar to one of the sweetest women ever; I believe Twiggy is amongst the great of the past decades (yeah, right up there with Audrey Hepburn).

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What Vintage Personality do you Admire?


  1. Twiggy is fantastic, but I have a little issue with the fact that she started the whole super skinny trend.

  2. Grace Kelly was a real classy broad. And Liz Taylor was quite sexy!

  3. Ah, I adore Twiggy - a woman with inner stlye and outward elegance;-)
    Happy weekend!

  4. Twiggy! So beautiful and thin, what an icon.

  5. ohhh twig is soo damn adorable.
    i do love her style.
    but i admire audrey hepburn;s the most.<3333


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