Monday, August 16, 2010

Musical Mondays: The Like

As you guys might know, I am a music student and as such, music makes my world go round ( so does fashion but yeah, that's always an argument, lols). Anyhoo, decided to add a regular Monday post on cool musical acts with insane fashion and style for our ears' (and style sense) enjoyment.
The first edition of Musical Mondays belongs to this awesome act from L.A. California.

WHO ARE THEY: The Like, formed by 4 lovely and talented girls - Z Burg (vocals and guitar), Tennessee Thomas (drums), Laena Geronimo (bass), and Annie Monroe (organ).
THEIR STYLE: They are totally a breath of fresh air dressed in vintage inspired outfits that have you thinking if you timewarped to the 60's.
WHAT DO THEY SOUND LIKE?: Very indie-ish, sweet, croony vocals, soft rock ballads and fun, bold lyrics. They really remind me of The Beatles for some reason.


  1. They're awesome! Thanks for sharing and happy MM to ya!

  2. Not really my kind of music, but I LOVE their clothes...especially Z Burg.

  3. Kinda catchy! And very unique! I feel like I was warped into the sixties! Haha

  4. I really adore The Like and their style, so cute!

  5. I really adore The Like and their style, so cute!

  6. these girls are adorable, love them :)

  7. They dress so beautifully. I would love to see the Like perform.

  8. They look like a group of Twiggies and Zooeys! INSANELY cute!


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