Monday, September 13, 2010

Musical Mondays: Florence & the Machine

Florence + the Machine
Who are they?: More like, who is she? Florence is just a London girl with an incredible need to touch people's hearts with her music + a collab of a group of like 7 other musicians backing her up.
What's the Style like?: She herself states that she adores secondhand shopping and most of the outfits for her shows she gets that same day at thrift stores and such. And she has the coolest hair color.
What does she sound like?: I'd say a little rock -totally indie that is- and really heartfelt lyrics. Her voice is just definitely something different and unconventional, it kinda reminds me of a rare bird singing - but it sounds cool.

What you guys playing right now?


  1. I love her so much! When I first found her I couldn't remember how I had lived without her. Her lyrics are amazing, and the tone of the songs.. I could just gush for hours.
    Sara Bareilles' new CD is pretty amazing. Give it a listen!

  2. I love her, and loved her even more when I saw her singing live. It wasn't a huge hall, and her voice seemed as if it was going to break the walls and expand throughout the entire town. Amazing. If you can see her live, go, go, go

  3. I love Florence she has such a haunting voice I can just drift away on. I haven't listened to her in while i'll definitely have to give her album a re-listen now xoxo

  4. Oh I love Florence and the machine! Last year I sang "You've got the love" at our church :] I love all her songs, she's so great!

  5. Love her sound and style!
    Fab post!


  6. These musical Mondays posts of yours are so great! Please keep 'em coming. :)


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