Monday, September 20, 2010

Musical Mondays: Lenka

Who is she? Lenka is an Australian singer and songwriter.
What's her Style like? She's super girly and really vintage; sometimes her clothes make you think you're watching a really old film or something of the sort.
What does she sound like? She has this Lily Allen feel gone sweet. Her music is super soft and her lyrics have this childish feeling; like the type of feeling you get when going down to a playground and you swing on the swings after so many years. Her voice is equally as soothing.


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  2. oh, I have to check her out, I never knew about her till now.xx

  3. awww, she is so sweet looking! her style is adorable ♥

  4. Now this is one of my favorite girls :p I've been in love with her ever since I heard her song as the OST of Ugly Betty. She has a great voice and her songs are just splendid!

  5. Cute! I've been meaning to give Lenka a listen. Seems like the type of pop I'd be into... I wonder if she's a bit like Norway's Marit Larsen? If you like girlie, sweet retro-pop, you should check her out as well. <3

  6. I really love Lenka, she is so great & I love to listen to her song "The Show" :] She is so cute!


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