Monday, September 6, 2010

Musical Mondays: One Night Only

Who are They?: One Night Only. George Craig – lead vocals, guitar (yup Emma Watson's bf, I truly didn't know about the band until the "Say you don't want it" vid), Mark Hayton – guitar, backing vocals, Daniel Parkin – bass, Jack Sails – keyboards, backing vocals, James Craig – drums.
Their Style: Lots of skinny jeans (but aren't most boys in the UK into them?), messier version of the Beatles clean cut and lots of hair.
What do they sound like?: There's a hint of punk in what they do though, lots of synths are used and fun, teen topics reign their lyrics.

What you listening to??


  1. I like that song you featured! I'm listening to Mike Posner and Billie Holiday. Weird combination, I know.

  2. Sooo buying this on itunes. What happened to the cool background?

  3. Hmmmm, not quite into them. I'm madly in love with John Mayer all over again these days.

  4. I really like the band! Nice sound :]
    @Fé I am also totally in love with John Mayers music! I don't like his personality but he's such an amazing musician! :]

  5. I heard about them last year... I think.
    They are pretty good, I really like their new song!


  6. listening to carla bruni, james morrison, mgmt and... one night only! fell in love with them since my dad discovered them. in fact, i came across your blog while searching for one night only pictures for mine. love them, and love your blog!


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