Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Olive Green & Purple don't match

I'm still not convinced that olive green and purple match, but hey, it could be me...

I assisted this indie designer and vintage bazaar yesterday and I was mostly intrigued by the lack of light in the place, the areas were quite dark and the only light that seeped through peeked in through a nearby window to my booth. I thought the view was sweet so just had to take a pic of it, and the chair was equally as intriguing; sad it was made out of leather.

outfit details:
I <3 ny shirt - borrowed from my sis, vest - american eagle, skirt - f21, flats & watch- I can't remember, headpiece- I made it myself


  1. Haha I have a lot of problems matching olive or the duller shades of green/brown, but I do love the sequined detail on the vest!

  2. Don't worry if olive-green and purple don't match - so long as it looks good on You;-)

  3. I think it does work! :D definitely very autumnal! xo

  4. gurl i want a huge boyish watch like that.
    you look adddorabbllee.<3

  5. love the skirt! :]



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