Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Secret Garden

As of late, I have been more intrigued by photography than ever before. I know I'm not truly good at it; but I really enjoy learning about how I see shadows and objects and exploring what feelings an image causes in me.

These little pieces were taken at a really sweet (and quite huge) garden in the University of P.R.
My film camera decided to eat my film up so I ended up taking the rest of the pics with my trusty Sony Cybershot. It was my first time using the timer on the camera, since you guys know I don't like taking pics of myself but just took a few for fun.

What are you guys taking pics of?

just in case you're asking I'm wearing: denim bag -vintage, vest & shirt -f21, my fave pair of converse sneakers, and a thrifted pair of black skinnys =)


  1. I really like the photos, and I´m really taking pictures of everything that impresses me, looks amazing or has to do with art/fashion, my favourite model is my smallest sister( 1,5 years young :D)

  2. These are beautiful images!!
    I enjoy taking pictures of life, capturing little moments that would other wise be lost in time.

  3. Gorgeous photos! That garden looks so pretty. :)SarahD

  4. I love photographie ^_^ but right now I don´t have camara T_T the reflex wasnt´mine, and the digital is a regular type!! But I love to take pics to the clothes, some portraits and the nature :)

    HAve a lovely day!!

  5. beautiful :D Love these pictures and know the song "Song from a secret garden" is stuck in my head! [because of the title] :]


  6. I like the second to last picture of the bench, for some reason the color seems to pop. I like to carry my camera everywhere and take pictures of whatever catches my eye.

  7. Beautiful images, I always carry a camera around with me now so anything i see which is of interest I snap some pictures are terrible but some are good it's a great way of getting me into the habbit of taking more pictures though xoxo

  8. Great pics!! I've been taking photos of cute little vintage stores near where I live: http://www.stephsstoryemporium.co.uk/Site/Blog/Blog.html
    what do you think?? I'm saving up for an SLR camera though :)

  9. These photos are honestly inspiring and so beautiful! (:

  10. These are great pictures. What a beautiful garden this must be! That green bench is perfect.

    I always hate when film gets eaten up in a camera. Or when you think you loaded it right, but really didn't. I like the Sony Cybershot, though. That's what I use for digital. It takes nice pictures. Lately I've been capturing little details of Summer on film. Now that we're heading toward Autumn I'll be snapping away at foliage and pumpkins :)


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