Friday, September 10, 2010

Sing me a Lullaby...

It's quite incredible how one can learn so many things in such short time. It has only been a year ago since I started studying music (despite singing and playing by ear since forever and such) and I can say that every single experience has been incredible but today's, is definitely the best one yet.
Though arguing with the lyrics of a song and trying to re-write them; just being around good friends and watching -tho secretly admiring - the way ideas just flew in and out of them and how incredible they could play made me feel blessed that I could be a part of that; for what little it might have been.
~more excerpts of my personal diary

PS: Yes, I am aware that I'm writing a lot of my own diary entries here, maybe I'll start using this more as a diary I guess. =)
What are you admiring?


  1. i love that your share your diary.
    youre so sweet! <3

  2. Writing songs is a nice experience. Learning music too.

  3. I love that you are sharing such personal things with us x

  4. I like these personal confessions.

    Love Grace.

  5. I love your excerpts from your diary! (:

  6. I'm admiring your beautiful blog! Thanks for brightening my day with your creativity ;)



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