Sunday, September 12, 2010

Summer days are gone...

Summer had once been around the grassy pastures that are now covered with some opaque leaves of autumn and the sunlight's dimmer and cooler...
I'm getting ready to layer more than what we usually did this summer and bringing those rainboots out for a spin.
Fall is almost at our doors.

Model: Lindsay Wixson
Editorial: Lula Mag October 2009

Anyone planning to dig out of their closets anything from last year's Fall season?


  1. Got to love FALL <3

    Started to use leggings again! :)

  2. Nothing from last year really fits me now, so I get to replace my entire wardrobe...bloody expensive this getting well lark ;) xx

  3. :] Oh I love fall! :] Can´t wait to wear my new boots.
    Love these pictures, they are really beautiful, the 3rd one is my favourite!

  4. I love autumn!
    Gorgeous photos, darling!
    And YES I can't wait to dig out my fall clothes from last year ~ so many pieces I will still be wearing!


  5. autumn is gunna be good, I love thick tights and dresses with boots :) opting for some plum colours too... i'm sooo over summer! xo

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