Thursday, October 7, 2010

Failure is a Lesson...

Today, for the first time ever I flunked a test.
I'm sorry I'm using this blog post to vent out a little, but if I don't share this with anyone I'll go insane.
So people say I take myself too seriously, that I believe that I'm perfect, that things either go my way or no way at all; well it's not true. I just try working as hard as I can to get to where I need to be and I depend on that to get the job done. And I don't like trying my best and that best not being good enough. It has never happened before. I've always been the type of studying or practicing like crazy and seeing straight A's. I guess this time it wasn't enough...

Right now I'm annoyed, I'm frustrated only at myself. I at the moment need to grieve this, cry for a while, and then when I'm ready, I'll forgive myself and move on.

I guess failure is just a lesson I was bound to learn.


  1. Don't be too hard on yourself, sometimes things like that can just happen, even if you do prepare, sometimes on the day you just don't do your best for some reason...if you get A's all the time, then I'm sure your average or whatever won't be too damaged anyway!

  2. It's okay to be angry and frustrated but try not to be too hard on yourself, ok?

  3. aw so sorry to hear that hun. dont worry it happens to the best of us, i also work like mad to do well but sometimes it dont get what i want. dont be too hard on yourself! xo

  4. Believe we all make mistakes and after a while we laugh of them. We are humans we are made to commit mistakes. This will make u value more an achievement

  5. Just take it as a lesson learned. We all make mistakes.

  6. Awh I'm so sorry to hear. I know the feeling though. I'm a perfectionist and I am devastated if I fail at anything. You'll bounce back soon and stronger xo

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  8. Aww Sophie, I'm sorry that happened..I'm a lot like you in that way. I like to work hard to do well, but something like this does happen and then the best thing to do is to say c'est la vie and get back up again!

    this is always an encouragement to me:
    "Fall seven times, stand up eight." --Japanese Proverb

    have a wonderful day, dear!

  9. girl, its ok! and yeah vent all you want! and everybody fails at some point
    dont worry
    you always get good grades though

  10. Oh no. I can imagine your frustration. But don't be so hard on yourself. You're clearly really intelligent, so don't let this set you back.

  11. aw, that sucks! don't be too hard on yourself though, everyone have bad days...

  12. I've been there my dear! You vent and scream all you want!

    And then get back out there and get that 'a' that you know you can!

    Love Grace.

  13. People always say the same about me -about that I take myself too seriously etc. And I use my blog to vent out sometimes too...

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  15. i am exactly the same way, but right now, the teacher of the class i'm in is a TERRIBLE teacher and i don't understand it. right now i have a B because i failed a test and i think its going to go even lower if i don't try hard... so i know exactly how you feel :)
    good luck, you can do it!

  16. I'm sorry :( I know the feeling though, I just bombed a quiz. Don't get too down on yourself!


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