Saturday, October 16, 2010

Fall and all it's Colors

I'm such a horrid blogger -yes, I feel terrible after a few days of not blogging. I've been super busy with the trip and homework and the shop's new collection (that hopefully if I find a photographer I'll be able to launch before I leave) that I haven' had any time for anything!

Hopefully today when I'm done with all my orders I can just sit back and plan my outfits and outings and such.
But for today, I'm sharing this uber cute pic of what I call a burst of color for fall.
I'll come back with a proper post soon!

Any ideas of places I should visit?


  1. I love wearing bright colors all year long! :)

  2. Colors Rock my world... good luck finding a photographer........ keep up the good work.....

  3. love the brilliant colors: perfect for fall!

  4. i am inlove with those jackets and leg warmers.<3

  5. Bright colours are awesome :)

    If you like designer brands - Century 21 is a good place to go for discounted designer goods. I went there and it was cool. It's right near ground zero. Also the Empire State building and Times Square is a must!

  6. Love the bright colors! :D

    thanks for your comment! of course, you can use the quote! :D

  7. what photo is fabulous1 it really makes me want to dress like a box of crayons x

  8. i love the bright colours and I wish I had super long legs so I could pull of pink skinnny jeans :3

  9. It happens! I had not blogged in days either! and just blogged a question! lol

  10. I love the yellow one. fabulous finds, girl :)

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  11. Love bright colors! You should definitely stop by Central Park, it's beautiful. Also Times Square is amazingly cool. haha hope you have fun! (:


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