Saturday, October 2, 2010

I'm Going to NEW YORK CITY!!

I cannot believe it myself still! My sister got admitted to Teen Vogue's Fashion University so we are off to New York City (capital of all that is cool, fashionable and musical AT THE SAME TIME) for the Oct 22 weekend!
Last night we booked our rooms and gosh it's been so long since I've gotten on a plane or gone on vacation or anything of the sort!

However, I NEED HELP! What can I wear!!!! I mean I plan on walking a ton and such but, should I take boots 'cuz of the cold or sneakers or what??! Should I layer like crazy or layer like crazy and bring a coat too?!
Anyhoo, yes I'm uber excited.

Any help on what to wear or bring with me??



  1. Exciting!!!!! I"m thinking layers and cute, comfy boots?

  2. That's amazing, defintely take some boots they're good for rain and lots of layers also you can't go wrong with a good scarf either xoxo

  3. Flat boots are a MUST in NYC. And jeans. I would only bring one or two pairs of heels...and only wear them to dinner or a fancy event.

  4. I definitely agree - layers and flat boots. Hope you have an awesome time - I am envious! :)

  5. I agree with Sammi to only wear the heels to dinner or a sit-down show or something. Most DEFINITELY wear boots! Paired with dark skinny jeans, layers and a light jacket and scarf. Also, it's been super rainy in the northeast lately so don't forget your umbrella and make sure your boots are not fabric material like Uggs or something!!!
    Great blog by the way! I found you through IFB and will be friend requesting you soon :-)
    God bless. Jenn
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  6. Oh how awesome! that sounds like fun :)
    Congrats to your sister I'm sure you guys are going to have a blast in NYC!


  7. Exciting! I hope you both have a great time! :)

  8. Lovely! Have fun!!! Some boots are probably sensible! Don't know how cold it is out there yet though! Have great time!! xxx

  9. im really excited for u! and i agree with jens advice ^^

  10. Wow that's great! How is the university actually? Like, what type of courses do they have?

    I'd say, pack something cozy and warm because i'm sure it'll be quite cold! x

  11. Ah that's amazing! I went a few years ago and LOVED it! xo

  12. Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog yesterday, I have checked out your blog... I love it! I am going to start following you and I would love it you were to follow me too!


  13. omg congrats! :D
    layer like crazy - and if you wear a coat make sure it's a chic one, maybe one that goes in at the waist! :D xo

  14. First, thanks for the sweet comment :)
    2nd: Congrats! NY must be an amazing place! Go and be yourself, true to your own style ^^

  15. So excited...

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, darling!


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