Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Lost Lamppost

I love finding old pictures. I wore this little outfit almost a year ago on a random photo trip to the island's capital. Old San Juan is such a lovely place to photograph; its ancient colonial buildings and streets contrast with the modern cars and signs, just lovely. I think it's one of the only places I really enjoy being in since I moved here a feeeeew years ago. =)

As you guys know I do like photography a lot and well I'm more of a landscape kinda girl; not much into taking pics of people. I like giving scenery life of its own, I guess.

PS: thanks guys for the marvelous advice. I'm definitely hanging around NYC with boots and layers then. =D I'm gonna post some inspiration looks some time later on.

Oh! And I'm planning on selling some of my clothes 'cuz I kinda realized... I have no shopping cash!! So yes, I'll be posting some pics of dresses and a few more lovelies.

outfit details:
vest & shirt: f21, skirt: Zara, boots: eBay


  1. I LOVE that outfit! Love the skirt!


  2. cute outfit, Sophie! I love your landscape photos too!

  3. What a gorgeous place and you look lovely! xxx

  4. beaufitul pics x

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  5. youre such a doll,
    and i lvoe these photos.<3

  6. Aw, you look so adorable in the pictures! It's always nice to go back and see pictures!!

  7. Awesome! I bet San Juan is gorgeous! You are gorgeous! So glad you stopped by Little Blue Deer so I could find you, happy to be your newest follower!

  8. You look sooo cute! I adore these photos. Oh I also featured one of your headbands in my latest post :D


  9. Everyone I know who has visited San Juan tells me that Old San Juan is a ''must see.'' I really like the photo of the cobbled street winding up the hill. Great smiles in the pics with the lamppost, too! :)

  10. Really cute skirt. I feel you on shooting landscapes. There is nothing more that I hate than having my photo taken.

  11. Hi Sophia,
    Great photos but as you are a designer do share more of your work with everyone

  12. I wish and pray that you could be the one of the best and biggest designer in the world.


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