Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I'm Boycotting Forever 21

I am just so disappointed! I don't know what to do! I went to Forever 21 as usual - you guys know how big of a fan I am (or was) - and was looking around and I suddenly bump into a headband in the accessory section THAT IS JUST LIKE ONE I DESIGNED AND HAS BEEN SELLING AT MY SHOP FOR MORE THAN A YEAR!!!!!



Truly I cannot believe a multinational corporation with designers of their own can actually copy EXACTLY a headband designed by other smaller designers, that is just so cheap!!! It's the exact same cut, the exact same size of bow, the exact same adornment in the middle, everything!!! It's an exact clone!!! Yes, I am annoyed. Imagine if someone steals your homework and presents it to a class and everyone praises her for the incredible work done? You'd feel the same way I do.

And worst of all, I can't do much except vent on this blog since I would need tons of a cash and a lawyer to sew these people for stealing my work.
Until I figure out what I can do, I'm never ever shopping at Forever21 again,
if they stole my designs so bluntly, they could have copied any other small designer's work and it's something that shouldn't be allowed.


  1. this makes me soo sad :(
    continue to rant & get everyone who appreciates creative design & protecting intellectual property to join in the boycott!
    i definitely will be.
    best of luck,

  2. Wow.. that is amazing. I can't believe how exact it looks. That must be so disappointing! You should write the people up top if you can find their info. I don't shop there too often, but I definitely won't be buying any of their headbands!

  3. Oh my god, that is terrible!! It's really shameful of such a huge corporation to pull something like that. It seems like every other day they're ripping off someone else's designs! Something really needs to be done about this, because honestly, it's pretty disgraceful.

  4. That is utter rubbish! I had a girl in my college class steal a fashion illustration from me and said it was her own! When I confronted her about it she said 'it was out of the recycling bin', I was NOT happy! It sucks. You should attempt to do something!!


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  5. I'm really disappointed about this :/

  6. This SUCKS! I know how this feels though. I work in a children's boutique and a local lady makes these beautiful bow hair clips for little girls. A girl from my year at school copied her....and I mean COPY her. i then started my little etsy store and now this girl has copied some of my headbands! I live in a smal town and I think she knows how I feel about her.. she doesn't say hello to me anymore and can't even look me in the eye!!!

  7. Unfortunately, intellectual property laws aren't all that strong in the design field. Designs only have to differ by about 30% for designers claiming to be "inspired by" other designers to avoid a suit. And in your case, unfortunately it would be very difficult for you to copyright your work, especially since there isn't exactly a patent on headbands with bows. :( But I am sorry for you, and this is very disappointing. Now that there is a brand new fashion law institute in NYC, here's hoping that cases like this are brought into the limelight and intellectual and design property laws are strengthened.

  8. That's terrible that they stole your design :(

    Boycotting Forever21 for as long as I can! Great design, and I'm sorry they used it! :/


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