Thursday, November 4, 2010

Lanvin + H&M is my Drug

Even though there isn't an H&M store here in Puerto Rico -tho they should consider opening since they are not feeding certain fashionistas with their incredible pieces and we are hungry for that stuff - I'm still uber excited about this line.

It's absolutely gorgeous, regal, fun and incredible, all at the same time. The line's out this Nov. 23rd, so all you lucky people out there that can get your hands on these pieces make sure to mark this day down on your shopping calendars -unless you are on a shopping fast like I am, lolz! If so then just admire...

I know you guys probably have seen the promo vid a gazillion times but I just had to post it here!


  1. This collection is sweet! I probably won't end up buying any of it, though, since I'm kind of in the midst of a shipping ban. Sigh. But ah, we can dream!

  2. i think this is definitely going to be my favorite H&M collab! i love the first dress :) x

  3. OMG, will totally be shopping when it comes out!

  4. That Zebra coat is unbelievable! I need it! I want it!


  5. I need need NEED!!


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