Monday, December 20, 2010

A Flower for you My Lady...

New York is such a colorful place and not until I saw my collection of pics did I notice now many flowers you can find just anywhere!
Well these are mostly all from Central Park's Conservatory Garden. Definitely a dream to be in!

I am home sick. Yes, I am home and all but since my last trip to NYC nothing has been the same.
I kinda feel that this is the place I'm supposed to be in...

**all pics taken by me**

Name a City You would transport yourself to??
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  1. gorgeous photos! i want to go back to new york coz i feel like i haven't explored/experienced it fully. i'd transport myself to paris coz i've never been there and it's a dream to go there :)


  2. love these pictures, so colorful! :D I'd transport myself to .. hmm.. paris or milan (cause I love,love,love both cities :D)
    Live.Laugh.Love. - everyday

  3. These pictures are beautiful! I really want to go back to New York, it was such a great experience! xx

  4. Ah, such beautiful photos! I'd love to just jump into one of them!

  5. absolutely love these flowers :) really like your blog btw!



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