Wednesday, December 8, 2010

For the love of shoes

Isn't there a moment where you find yourself taking pictures of your shoes out of boredom? I think I tend to do this a whole lot.

I am definitely a flats girl; because of my back condition I'm not allowed to wear heels so 99.9% of my shoes are flat. I really believe the flat shoe area must be improved, I mean, stylish people also wear flats and not all of them can wear heels, am I right?

If your shoes were human, what would they look like??
I think mine would probably look like Kurt Cobain with a rhinestone denim jacket, lol!

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  1. Love the black shoes with the bows.

    I'm forever saying there needs to be more variety and creativity with flats!

  2. I should just wear flats too but my heels beat them up in the closet. I guess they are bullies.

  3. I mostly wear flats too because I am quite tall already, no need for heels ;)

    great posts, and I loved how you compared your shoes to Kurt lol

    thanks for your lovely comment on my blog <3

    Cheri xox

  4. haha yup ive found myself doing that too!! im a flat shoe person too :) x

  5. I always wear flats or boots. I worked in a shoe store all through university so I have quite a few pairs.

  6. Hey, found you on Etsy forums and love your blog. Also love those black flats. I can't wear flats cuz I'm too short =C

  7. i'm the conplete opposite, i'm 100% heels girl. i think most of my shoes would have to be models as the heels are all super tall and skinny :P
    Also this reminds me of when i was at the tate and a girl asked if she could take a picture of my shoes! x

  8. Love the shoes in the second picture. I wish there were more comfy flats, because I wobble around in heels, but most non-sneaker flats don't support the arch of my foot and they have thin soles!

  9. I love flats, I'm still really young so I can't wear heels yet so flats and boots dominate my wardrobe! Love the flats, and of course converse are amazing (first picture) :)

    Thank you for the nice comment on my blog! ♥

  10. I love flats, they are adorable! These are really cute pics! (:

  11. -ahaha, im 4'7 so i have too wear something with a thick sole or wedges. i hate wearing flats, they really hurt my feet. ahaha,
    very cute blog,

    havea great day,

  12. I love love love heels, but I wear flats most of the time now and can't handle wering heels which sucks. I've been trying to wear wedges at the moment.

  13. lovely pics! i've never tried taking pictures of my feets. maybe i should try it today :)

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  15. Cute shoes! You're not alone - I took a picture of my sparkly silver slippers on Halloween!

  16. Shoes are great subject matter! I especially love that first photo :)

    I'm a flats girl, too. My knees are kinda bad, so I don't like to go up too high. 2 inches is my limit. I've never much thought of what my shoes would look like if they were human. Hmm. I'll have to ponder that.

    I'd gladly share a bit of winter with you if I could. I say sip the hot cocoa anyway! It's perfect year 'round :)

  17. So cute shoes with bow!
    I love to wear shoes. I don't mind heels, but most important is that they should be comfy.

    Thank You dear for visiting my blog and leaving so sweat comment!

    xo Ra

  18. I alternate between heels and flats, but my favorite shoes are my lace-up boots. They've got a small, flat sort of heel on the back, but they're still really low and comfy, so I wear them everywhere!

  19. and me: I just keep on buying heels, heels, heels

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