Thursday, December 16, 2010

A Rainy Day and some Jazz...

Today was exactly like this, a very rainy day and some Jazz to spice it up. I think rainy days always bring me good luck; or at least they calm me down enough.
Finals for Voice Class were today and I'm incredibly happy I passed mine. Seriously it was an incredible experience; performing Autumn Leaves and Les Mis' On my Own for 6 voice professors.
Honestly, I have never cried when singing any piece and while singing On my Own, I just felt my eyes fill with tears; and just like my bestie said : it was a life defining moment; this is something I want to do for the rest of my days - besides the designing, obviously.

Just resuming my day in pictures:
Floral Print of the dress I wore today and my fave locket that I had with me, though no one noticed because I was wearing a scarf over it. My "On my Own" music sheet, the view from my car window at a traffic light, and my beloved umbrella.


  1. Such a lovely post (as always)
    It was great to see you today! You looked adorable. I'm SO glad you passed!! Although, I would wanted to hear you sing :P

    - Much love, Reina.

  2. Congratulations on doing so well on your final! :) On My Own is such a gorgeous song.

  3. Congratulations for finishing on a lovely note! ;)
    I love the photos..sound like you had a wonderful day, Sophie!

  4. lovely post, i love the photography! xx

  5. great post :D I love "on my own" such a wonderful song!
    Live.Laugh.Love. - everyday.

  6. Hiiii
    Encantada de conocer tu blog
    Te mando un besito y nos seguimos leyendo

  7. It's amazing when art can stir so much emotion...congratulations!

    Love the photos!

  8. It's been years I sang in front of professors but I remember that feeling only too clearly. When that happens you know this is meant to be. Best of luck in all your endeavors dear.
    Look forward to hearing from you


    Tashrin from Toronto, Canada

  9. congratulations on your finals, dear! :) i absolutely adore rainy days, i never use umbrellas!

  10. excellent the post...


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