Saturday, December 4, 2010

A Sigh in Film...

Even though I do have a new SLR and all, I must say I adore the magic of film. Another very old random picture taking trip (I take too many pics don't I?) my sister and I took. We one day just felt like taking out our vintage film Praktica & Pentax cameras, our 10+ film rolls and head out deep into the mazes of Old San Juan.

*my little sister*

*all pics taken by me, except the first one - that one was my sis*
outfit details:
ON ME - American Eagle vest, F21 shirt, Charlotte Russe Boot Cut Jeans, Doc Mart boots
ON MY SIS: Zara jean vest, Black shirt , F21 acid wash jeans, my Converse sneakers


  1. Lovely post and such beautiful photos ♥

  2. This is deadly! I really miss the excitement of getting back prints after leaving film in to be developed. While I adore how instant digital cameras are, there's something quite sweet in the delayed gratification of waiting for pictures to be developed.

    I love the shot of the benches and trees. I want to go sit there and read a book :)

  3. beautiful and intersting photo... I like it:)

  4. There will always be a place in my heart for film. There's something more unique about film photographs that I particularly enjoy more than digital. If it wasn't so costly to do film, I would definitely choose it over digital any day.


  5. thank you! I like your photos :)

  6. I love film photographs too, I don't think digital could ever beat them :)


  7. Nothing can top film photography. It's a bit more effort, but I think that's what makes it better than digital. Anyone can press a button on a digital camera and call themself a photographer, but film just seems more like an art form to me.

  8. i would love an SLR definitely.. but film cameras are way too awesome! i am now your new follower.

  9. I love the pictures! Especially the one with all the birds


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