Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Sun's Lover

Even though it is "winter", here in Puerto Rico the weather is warm enough to run around in summer clothes -total bummer.
The sun is incredibly warm and friendly, it's quite incredible that we are in mid December!

Took these pics at my bf's mum's house; they've got a pretty big yard and adorable kittens to photograph. Speedy -the kitty - has always loved me taking pics of it and somewhat poses for every shot. Also was trying out my new tripod but pictures didn't turn out that well, I need some practice!

How cold or warm is it where you are?
outfit details:
F21 dress shirt & leggings
Steve Madden Oxford Shoes
Old watch


  1. I love your photos! they came out so beautifully!~

  2. Those are lovely photos! Where I am, it's freezing and snowy!

  3. Love the pictures!
    its cooooooooooooooooold here on The washington coast.

  4. ahh that cat is so cute!! My kitty loves to pose too

    Its been between -2 and -30 around here. waiting for the bus in -27 weather has been terrible!

  5. Its pretty cold here in England, snowed loads a couple of weeks ago and was about -11 degrees C :|

    Oh well, get to wear my soldier coat and beret to school :D x

  6. Pics are gorgeous :) I live in Malta and up until today its been really warm still. Today we had a bit of rain and its getting chillier though :(!! xx

  7. So cold where I am! :( But I get to wear boots and tights!! That's a plus ♥

    Cute outfit, enjoy your summer/winter! :)

    ♥ xoxo


  8. Oh I am jealous!!! :( Here in Austria it's terribly cold!!! We have loads of snow and I'm freezing!

    Beautiful pictures! I'd love to be in Puerto Rico right now! :)

  9. love the pic with that cat. She looks so adorable.xx


  10. Cold! It's cold here in VA! Please send some of that PR warmth!!

  11. thanks for your sweet comment! love the summery vibe of the pics

  12. those flowers are gorgeous! and the cat is so adorable :) it's summertime in australia, but melbourne is always raining one moment & boiling the next!

  13. Awww...the kitten! I'm so jealous, why can't we have a hot winter! xoxo



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