Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Light Seeps Through...

Have you ever laid underneath a tree and looked up to just admire how the light seeps through the branches?
I tend to believe nature sometimes gives us hints of why things happen or how the outcome will be like. Like right now; tree branches become obstacles, horrid barriers that get in the way. However the sunlight, powerful and bright, runs around every leaf, every branch to find a little opening to make a breakthrough and create a wonderful masterpiece out of nothing.

** Pic taken by me with my Praktica 35mm camera**
While craving some Oreos.
Listening to Map of the Problematique by Muse.


  1. that is such a gorgeous picture x

  2. a beautiful picture!!


  3. Beautiful. Love the description.
    I am now following, hope you could do the same?

  4. Now that I think about it, yeah. I love those moments when you just smell the roses. I get those a lot. They make me want to smile, and I wish everyone in the world could see those moments. This picture makes me feel that way, and sometimes, the happiest moments in life are the small ones, the small beauties of the world. I think that is what peace means, living your life.

  5. well said love and what a gorgeous picture!


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