Sunday, January 9, 2011

Terrified in the Middle of the Night...

In the middle of the night and scared out of my mind, well everyone here at home is. They tried breaking in. This is definitely the scariest experience we have gone through so far. My sister and I were in our room and suddenly hear heavy footsteps right behind our bedroom, they jump into the terrace (where my dog Andy stays) and Andy attacks him - or her, we really can't be sure - and it was frightened. You could hear the running and a mess of footsteps and heavy breaths and someone jumping down the staircase.
Mum's calling 911 right now...


  1. Scary stuff,
    I hope all is well x

  2. It is frightening!! They tried to break in here too and my aunt saw the dude and the dude froze lol

  3. That sounds so scary! I hate creepy people wandering around other peoples homes. Hopefully everything is OK!
    xxx mervi

  4. That sounds horrible! I hope everything is alright!

  5. That's scary! I hope everything's okay.


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