Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Rock Hard...

Munching on Skittles right now, trying to figure out my next move. I honestly am confused about what should come next. The Etsy shop has outgrown itself. I want to expand. Maybe have a serious website (in designer world, having an Etsy shop isn't very glamorous and you're not taken seriously). Don't know if I should have a line under my own name - Sofia Touassa, or if I should give FunnyPeopleCo full attention and keep the name.

I just feel that when I look at my designs, they don't yell FunnyPeopleCo or Etsy. I think they are asking to be taken more seriously, I think.

Also, I'm totally lost when it comes to how to get fashion buyers, shops, etc. interested.

Le sigh... it's hard to manage a one girl business.

Any thoughts??
~pic taken by me ~


  1. Wow, sounds like you're in an amazing place! I think a line under Sofia Touassa sounds glamourous. And just maybe will add the serious yet fun slant you're looking for?

  2. hello :) my you talk to someone in the business to help u? im really happy ur hvaing a successful time though ^^

  3. i hope you are able to expand your business - glad your etsy has been going so well!

  4. I just looked through your shop- such cute headbands!


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