Thursday, March 17, 2011

What a designer wants...

Unlike most people, I am now not shopping for clothes like a maniac (like I used to). I'm trying to keep my purchases smart and get things (when I shop which is now like uhhh never) that will somehow benefit me.
So, I decided to share my recent finds; some really cool fashion books, a new sketch book and an insane woodless pencil that I bought on impluse because of how cool it looked.

Sorry for the horrid pic quality - this was taken with my beloved iPhone.



  1. Smart shopping its good for the wallet XDD

    take care

  2. I'm trying to do smart shopping's not really working!

  3. i've been trying to be a better shopper clothes wise - but it hasn't really worked :/
    and i used to love drawing with those types of pencils...haven't used one in ages for some reason, they're really nice to sketch with x

  4. They look like interesting fashion goods. I need to be more smart with my spending too.


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