Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Days in the Sun...

It's seriously never anything else than Sunny here in Puerto Rico. Only the occasional rain storm and such but the weather is always pretty much the same.
Fashion in these parts consists of anything you don't sweat like crazy in, so sweaters & coats are out of the question even in the coolest times of the year.
But at least we get to have fun in the sun all year long!
Just some sweet pics my sis found (I have no clue where) I decided to share with you all that are in freezing places. =)

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  1. i lvoe the stripe dress ^^ and lovely photos :)

  2. It sounds gorgeous there, but I think I'd die if I couldn't wear cardigans every now and then! Once it's summertime here, I get so annoyed at having to put my poor sweaters away!

  3. Wow, such beautiful photos!


  4. Pretty, pretty, pretty. I love and want that pink dress. And the boots too.


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