Saturday, May 21, 2011

Floating away like the red balloon...

The semester is lets say, basically over. I believe this summer will actually be filled with a lot of new things. I'll be launching my hat/headdress line sometime this August - September; so I'm busy as a bee working now. I'm planning on launching also a second blog on fashion advice and street style. Also, it will be a couple of months of hard cash saving since I have a few things to save cash up for: a trip to NYC, some french lessons and some patternmaking lessons. I'm seriously thinking of taking next semester off from school, since, I know that if I still take class I'll probably won't be able to work hard enough with the new line. I believe it should have my full attention. But, right now that's just a thought. On the iTunes is the soundtrack for Le Ballon Rouge, beautiful French film you all should check out and that inspired this post.

What are you planning to do this summer?



  1. The hubs and I only have a few weeks of summer together before he starts summer classes, so we've gone to the local ren faire, and plan on going to the gardens and some historical places before then. Mostly, resting!
    Good luck with the money saving, new blog, and new line!
    P.S. - that last still from "The Red Balloon" is heartbreakingly beautiful.

  2. Oh I know this film & I love it :D
    well this summer I'm going to work.. yay. and in August I'm probably going to visit some festivals with my friends :)
    Live.Laugh.Love. - everyday.

  3. lovely
    i still dont know
    just want to spend great times with fam and friends :)

  4. so beautiful pictures I really enjoy it so much because it makes me remember when I was a kid and I went to the park with my father


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