Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Sophia Touassa : Millinery + Accessories is ALIVEEEE

It's ALIVE!!! My Line's official website & shop is up and going!
Guys please give it a look see and check it out!
I'm planning loads of giveaways so stay tuned!!
Visit the site & shop HERE!



  1. Oh yay that is so great and congrats for all of your hard work! Will definitely check it out. xo.

  2. Congratulations girl :) I just wanted to say hi and to let you know that i like all your pics and your blog :)

    Peace & Love.
    Jimely Rosas

  3. congrats! you have the cutest items!! love it! (:

  4. you look so cute and the your accessory is incredible beautiful

  5. Our entire family have been coming to this store for years now. Fantastic frames and John does a superb glasses fitting. I am willing to say the best in town! Armani, La Font, Chanel, Mui Mui, Oakley, just to name a few. My last three pairs of frames have been from here. I always get complements on my glasses even years later

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